Bedroom inspiration ideas

Posted in Interior Design

Every time you visit a new hotel, mansion, apartment, countryside house you will see new bedroom decorations. Even if you won’t remember the entire design of the bedroom you will definitely have enough memories from which you will be able to inspire yourself and recreate or reinvent the perfect little corner of heaven in your house.

Let’s make an exercise of memory and imagination and leave our tots roam free towards relaxing and refreshing places. After just a few seconds you will imagine that you are on a golden beach enjoying a beautiful sunset next to a campfire or you might be transposed in a world full of diffused light that shines in different colors of a waterfall that forms a small pound in the middle of the jungle or you might just be dreaming of being a prince or princes and being served in your bed with breakfast and the room you are in is unbelievably luxury.

Assuming your dream ended and these are the only inspiring ideas you have we will follow them one by one and try to arrange your room with bedroom decorations that will emerge you and allow you to relive the experiences you described before. Your first tots were about a golden sand beach in this aspect we can recreate the sandy feel by stepping on a coarse linen rug the bead should be as simple as possible if you could get a hammock that would be ideal try to paint your walls with pale colors and shades like blue yellow pink or purple. The furniture should be made out of wood preferably bamboo or exotic woods.

Recreating the oasis you dreamed of before can be realized by having a fluffy bed with loads of pillows with silky beading’s and a Casmir cover. In regard to the floor the best you can do is to have a massive wood parched some reed furniture, a good sized mirror is a must. We recommend using green or blue colors for walls and ceiling. You can give the room a fresh rainforest like texture by adding perfumed oils into the mixture and do not forget the light that should be as diffused as possible and that should be of medium intensity.

Everyone dreamed at least once of serving breakfast in bed. Well you should know by now that it isn’t practical at all to try and eat directly from the bed cover. So the first think you should invest in is a bed table to be able to properly serve food from the comfort of tour bed. Silk bedding’s are recommended since the crumbs don’t stick to that type of linen, also to maximize comfort you should have a big bed or at least a waterbed, pillows should be filled with real bird fluff. A bedroom decoration that shouldn’t miss is a fluffy rug and two bedsides. You should try give your room a luxury air you can do these by adding elements that give the feeling of an open space to it like mirrors contrast colors and smart arrangement of furniture.