Decorating Ideas for Drapes on Walls

Posted in Interior Design

At some point we are all looking for decorating ideas for drapes on walls because unlike some people think there is another use for drapes other than the one of covering the windows. When you add large and elegant pieces of fabric on you wall you change the design of the entire wall. Aside from the esthetic part of the wall drapes there is a practical part, you can cover with drapes any damages that the wall may have which you do not wish to show. You can use from the following ideas elements that will help your drapes match with the interior decor of the room.

When you are picking a drape for your walls opt for a wall mounted cornices. To give you an idea on how a cornice looks we will tell you that it looks like a small box that has a hole in the bottom. What you do is take the wall drapes and pull the end through the hole. This way the curtain will sit in place and the top will look very stylish.

Another idea to decorate with wall drapes is to use curtain rods. Use curtain rods in plain colors to give the room a classic look. The fabric should cover the entire room or the entire are you want to cover. Make sure you hold it in place right so that it does not fall from the wall. When you buy them you can also get an installation kit, there you have everything you need.

If you do not have windows in a room you can create a small one with the help of drapes. Paint a landscape on the wall and add the decorating drapes around it. This way you will give the impression that you actually have a window in that room. Use glue or a special accessory to secure in place the painting on the wall.

Now you have some decorating ideas for drapes on walls that you can apply in your house. We are used to having drapes only at windows, let’s make a change and give a different pattern to the walls. As you have read earlier you can even design a window for a room with the help of some drapes and a painting. Make your rooms look brighter and prettier with curtains. The design and the drapes décor are for you to decide according to the other elements in your room.