Designs for small bathrooms

Posted in Interior Design

If you’re having a small bathroom and you don’t know how to design it here are some great ideas of designs for small bathrooms that you can choose. You have to consider the limited space and the fact that you have a few options, but somehow these bathrooms design ideas presented here will give value and usability to the elements used and will make your tiny space look amazing.

Read this article and you will transform your tiny space into a great bathrooms following our small bathrooms ideas from this article.

The first tip is to pick the right colors because small bathrooms need lots of rich colors. Generally light colors give you the illusion of a bigger space. Do not even think to have a smaller dark bathroom, because this will become smaller. Pastels will give your bathroom a fresh, relaxing touch. To give a great first impression here are some bathroom design ideas: pick a fine mixture of colors for walls, floors, cabinets and accessories and of course use all the unused space.

If you want to have a bath tub try to push it to the back to cover up all the unused space. A great tip from the small bathrooms ideas is to buy corner basins or showers to take care of all that unused space. Also use the overhead spaces to hang your cabinets and racks. Leave out the floor of the bathroom as free as possible. The impression on having a big great bathroom is given by the smaller bathroom accessories.

When you pick a small cabinet be sure that will give all the comfort that you need. Don’t forget about the mirrors. One of the great small bathrooms ideas is to buy yourself a round mirror to add your bathroom some width. Also you can try to use the entire size of the wall to put mirrors to create the illusion of a wider space.

Use natural light to extend the perception of a wider space. A window right above the bath tub will ensure more natural light and of course a lot of fresh air. This will create a warm ambiance to your small bathroom. Don’t over-accessorize. Remember, one of the best bathroom design ideas is “less is more”. Let you creativity flow and give your small bathroom an unique touch.

Hope that these designs for small bathrooms will unleash your creativity and will help you make the perfect small bathroom for you!