Ideas for kids bedrooms

Posted in Interior Design

Parents are always looking for ideas for kid’s bedrooms because they want to create a room for them where they will feel at home and one that represents them. Sometimes decorating a child’s bedroom can be more difficult that decorating the parent’s bedroom mostly because you want the room to look appealing for a kid but at the same time appeal to adults as well. On one hand, small kids want bright colors in their room because it helps them in their development. On the other hand, old children want bold colors. There are a few painting ideas for your kids bedroom that can help you please everyone who will be staying in that room.

One idea is to paint the top half of the bedroom with the color you child wants and the other half, the bottom part, in white. Add a white border where the ceiling meets the walls in order to tone down the colors that you have chosen.  This way you create a frame for your wall and you make the room suitable for adults too.

Other  ideas for your kids bedroom is to paint a mural on the wall or a theme. If you have talent you can paint it yourself if not you better hire a painter to do the job.  Pick the picture you want as a mural and place it on the wall. The picture should match with the other elements in the room. Once you have placed the picture on the wall start drawing the outlines with a pencil. Write on each section what colors you should use in that are so that you do not forget. Remove the picture from the wall and start to add color and fill the outlines. You will be done in no time.

You can also add a theme to your child’s bedroom. You can choose anything from letters, to animals, manes and numbers. Paint the wall in a color that goes well with the theme, the color on the walls should be lighter than the colors used for the theme. You can write the name of your child or an inspiring phrase with wooden letters. You can find them in any craft stores.

If you want ideas for kid’s bedrooms you have a lot of options at your disposal all you have to do is to listen to you kid and get inspired. The room of the child should represent him and not you because he is the one who will be staying there.