Modern interior design ideas

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When it comes to the interior designing today we can have many interpretations in understanding and defining some types of design styles’ names. For example when you choose to use a modern interior design to decorate your house you think that will refer to “here and now” or decorating in a very modern style in according to future times, but no, it’s not the same thing.

Blending form with function

The designers and architects made the German Bauhaus School of Design in the 1900’s and the main idea in the interior decorating was to blend the form with function. This idea inspired from the Bauhaus philosophy made a great change in the industry of design, because everyone started to introduce glass or metals in any furniture for the entire house and in other elements of design. This style can be used when you want to remodel a loft; if you want to find a good construction company for loft conversion has a wide range of offers, and the services they offer are top-notch.

You can enjoy frequently this interior decorating at the Japanese modern interior designers. Japanese homes were designed with a lot of geometrical architectural elements and all the Japanese are giving a big importance to the place where the furniture will be arranged and also to how the space is used. In fact, this is the main idea in the Feng Shui interior design.

How to make your home a modern interior design

            Here are some modern interior design ideas that will ease your work:

  1. Modern interior designers give you the advice to choose wisely the place and type of furniture you use. You should replace the wooden bulky furniture with the clean, sleek lines of your new furniture. Don’t forget about the metal, or glass elements incorporated in the furniture.

  1. To match perfectly the air of simplicity induced by the furniture, use some down toned colors. Add some effects to your walls by using tone on tone, or white for your other choices.
  2. The texture you use in the interior decorating is as much important as the furniture. Use fabrics with neutral colors and texture that gives a warm touch to the room.
  3. Many modern interior designers use a minimalistic approach that is based on the idea “less is more”. Use frame art on the walls to decorate the room and a lot of glass and metal accessories.