Optical Effect in Interior Design

Posted in Interior Design

When you change a room you can create an optical effect in interior design just by using the right colors, the appropriate lighting and place the furniture in a certain position. Many people do not pay attention to the way they arrange their houses and they create an optical effect that they do not want. The ideal interior to this are small spaces, you can arrange the elements in a room so that it looks larger and wider. When you have a small space you have to be very careful how you arrange your stuff because you can end up with a room that looks smaller than it is.

The first step to changing your view of the room is to change the color of the walls. Pick light colors such as: white, cream and light colors. The light colors will make your room look bigger. If you want to do something interesting you can paint the walls in a dark color such as dark blue or red and paint the ceiling white. This way the optical effect will be that of a higher room.

The next step will be to change the carpeting because the color of the carpet can affect the optical effect of a room. Buy carpets in light colors such as: cream, beige or white. They will make your room look bigger. If you choose darker colors it will make the ceiling look lower that it is.

Picking the furniture for a small room is not so easy. You have to look for furniture in light colors like we mentioned for the walls and carpets or you can go with bold colors in combination with bright colors. You can even go with a theme but make sure that the theme does not distract you from the rest of the room’s interior design.

Place mirrors on walls to make them look endless. Bright colors in combination with mirrors give you the sensation that the room has no end point. The exact thing you want to achieve if you have a small room.

As you can see you can create optical effects in interior design on your own without the help of a professional. All small rooms can look like bigger rooms if you know how to pick the right furniture, the right colors and the right accessories. Anyone can do their own interior design if they let their imagination loos.